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Over-The-Counter Products Too, Are Best Taken with Care

Over-The-Counter Products Too, Are Best Taken with Care

Finally getting better and finishing your medication; there is always a happy medium to that and that is to stick to the right dosage. The dangers of taking more than the allowable amounts of your prescription medication can also happen to over-the-counter ones. As a licensed pharmacy in Orlando, Florida, we recommend that you follow medicine label instructions or take your medication strictly under the instruction of your physician.

Taking any kind of medication without proper care can lead to hazardous health effects. To give you an idea, here are some common over-the-counter treatments that should be taken responsibly:

  • Painkillers

    These medicines are so sought after following injuries or surgeries after prescribed by doctors as they can numb down the pain. But the incorrect or overdose of painkillers can possibly cause the following, especially for narcotic-based painkillers:

    • Vomiting and nausea
    • Diarrhea
    • Potential risk of heart attacks – large amounts directly injected into the bloodstream
    • Possible opioid addiction – inability to think or react quickly
    • Muscle spasms
  • Antacids

    Antacids are used to calm or neutralize the acidity in our stomach but too much of it can also cause an acid rebound where there is more acidity build up in the stomach. Other possible side effects are:

    • Irritability due to stomach discomforts
    • Nausea and headaches
    • Increased calcium levels can form kidney stones from calcium bicarbonate antacid components
  • Antidiarrheal

    Treating diarrhea is to stop loose watery bowel movements but when it is taken more than the recommended 8mg dose by the FDA, it also has adverse effects:

    • Increased serious cardiovascular problems
    • Increased heart rates
    • Possible fainting
  • Anti-allergies

    Antihistamines can immediately help in blocking out allergies but the dangers to them can involve accidents if drowsy pills are not taken responsibly with daytime activities.

  • Anti-acne treatment

    Topical anti-acne medication should be used sparingly and applied only on the needed areas as it can cause the following:

    • Peeling of skin on and around the acne area
    • Drying of the skin applied with anti-acne treatment
    • Sensitivity to the area of concern
    • Redness and stinging on and around the acne area

Over-the-counter (OTC) medication and the ones prescribed by physicians should be taken in accordance with their recommended doses to avoid irreversible side effects. We offer quality alternatives and affordable medications in Florida to give all our patrons a wide variety of pharmaceutical choices.

We also offer medication consultation at our medical equipment pharmacy in Florida to promote responsible intake of prescribed and OTC products.

Know more about allowable doses and ideal treatments that you can take for your current health condition. Call Rx Care Pharmacy at 407-249-0246. We can help direct you to proper health care services.

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